This is a disaster in your home that can really smell: you have a clogged bathroom that has overflowed and flooded your bathroom.

Panicking may be your first instinct. You need to take immediate action before things get worse.

We have some suggestions for what to do in the event that your toilet overflows.

Turn Off Your Water!

When water is rising from your toilet bowl, the first thing to do is turn off the water immediately! Modern toilets will have a shutoff valve connected to the pipe at the bottom. You can simply turn the valve clockwise until it stops turning.

You can also turn off the water by lifting the lever on the toilet tank. You’ll find a floating object at the top water level when you lift the tank’s cover. The float will drop and open the water valve when you flush the toilet. Hold the lever at the top of your tank with something solid, such as a piece or wood. This will prevent the water from running and keep the valve shut off.

To cut off water supply, you could also shut off the main water shutoff valve in your home.

Keep The Water in The Bathroom

Once you’ve turned off the water and stopped the flooding, you need to make sure that it doesn’t continue into your home. Grab a stack or towels and close the bathroom door. It’s not recommended to start with the toilet area. This will cause water to move in the opposite direction, causing a mess. Instead, start putting towels around the door.

Get Rid of the Clog in Your Toilet

Although it is not fun, it is necessary. Grab a plunger to begin the process of unclogging. This will make more water flow from the bowl. Make sure to have more towels on hand to absorb it. After the toilet is clean, turn on the water. To make sure the toilet doesn’t overflow, flush it. We can help you out!

Get Rid of All the Toxins in Your Water

You could endanger your health by not properly cleaning up any water. STOP Restoration, our sister company, can help if simply cleaning up the water and mopping it up doesn’t work. The team will quickly arrive at your house to assess the damage and create a plan for water damage restoration.

You Can Take Steps to Prevent It from Happening Again!

A clogged toilet can often be caused by flushing something that you shouldn’t. These are some of the most common reasons your toilet could be clogged. This list may help prevent your toilet from overflowing.

If you’re looking for other opportunities to safeguard against flood damage, or if you’re facing repairs in the aftermath of a recent flood, contact a qualified plumber today. Contact us .