By Bellevue Plumbing Pro

You can easily replace your kitchen or bathroom faucet if it is leaking or just because you want to change its appearance. Here are some ways to make your sink look brand new.

Be aware that the steps you take will vary depending on which fixture you are replacing and the type of the new model. For more specific instructions, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Consult a professional plumber if you are unsure.

First Things First

You don’t want Old Faithful to be recreated in your bathroom. To turn off the water, you must first shut off the water. Nearly all sinks have a shutoff valve located on the pipe below. If there isn’t one, you can turn off the water supply to your entire house. After you have shut off your water supply, turn on the faucet to drain any remaining water.

Next, remove the water lines from your faucet. You can do this either by hand or using a basin wrench depending on the setup. You will need to disconnect any parts that connect the faucet to your sink, like the lift rod. Then, unscrew the bolts that hold the fixture down. You can now safely take out the old fixture and throw it away.

Installation Time

Install your new faucet, including the gasket, putty, and sealant to prevent leaks. Screw on the handles and tighten the nuts to secure it. Now you can screw the lift rod into the drain. Only thing remaining is to connect the water lines from the faucet.

Turn the water on again and let it run for at least one minute. Make sure you check both the top and bottom of the sink to make sure there are no leaks.

Some faucets may require that you install a new drain, which can make the job more difficult. Additional obstacles, such as kitchen garbage disposals, can make the job more difficult.

It’s okay to have a professional handle the job. It’s possible that corroded pipes and inaccessible fittings could cause problems that will thwart your DIY plans. Call an expert if you get in trouble.

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