by Bellevue Plumbing Pro

It can sometimes be difficult to work with plumbing, especially when it concerns your bathroom’s plumbing. It can be quite unpleasant to remove the toilet throne from its place in the bathroom when it is time to replace it.

It’s a simple task that you can do yourself. You won’t have to make a mess if you know how to remove an old toilet from your bathroom.

The Final Flush

Before you can remove the old toilet, you must turn off the water supply. In most cases, you can shut off the valve at the supply line, so that you don’t need to shut down the whole home. After the water has been turned off, flush the toilet to empty the tank. You can clean up any remaining water by using a mop.

After the tank has been drained, disconnect the supply line. Most toilets will require a wrench to do this. If there is any water in the bowl, you can drain it with a dry-dry vacuum. If you don’t mind sticking your hand into the bowl, you could also use a sponge or mop to get rid of any remaining water. You can now begin the physical process of removing the toilet.

Say Goodbye

You will need to remove the toilet from the bathroom by first unbolting it from the floor. This can be tricky if the bolts are stuck or rusted. You can try a wrench but if that fails, you can just use a hacksaw to remove the old bolts. The new piece of equipment will come with replacements.

Some toilets let you unbolt the tank from your toilet bowl. This can be challenging, but it will make it much easier to take the parts away once you are done. Toilets are heavy.

Once the bolts are out of the way, you can start to rock the toilet until it separates from the wax ring. You should not rock too hard, as you might accidentally release some water hidden in the toilet into your bathroom.

Once it’s loose, you can take it out and then clean up any residue or mess. It’s a good idea not to immediately start a new toilet installation. Instead, cover the soil pipe with a rag. This will prevent any sewer gasses from escaping into the bathroom.

Bathroom Plumbing Experts

Sometimes DIY repairs can get out of control. It is possible that you will not be able remove the toilet from the base. You may need to call a professional to help you. A licensed plumber can help you with bathroom toilet plumbing issues. Contact us.