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It could be that your hot water heater has run out of hot water if only cold water comes out of the faucet when you get in the shower.

This could indicate that you or family members have used all of the hot water, or it could also be that your water heater’s pilot lamp is out. This is a simple fix.

Continue reading to find out why your pilot light might have gone out and how to relight it.

Your Pilot Light Went Out

Blue flames are used to ignite propane and gas-fueled water heaters. These blue flames are known as pilot lights. There are several reasons this tiny flame might go out occasionally.

Dirt around the pilot light’s location is a common cause. The flame will turn orange-yellow instead of blue to indicate that it is dirty. Instead of shooting upwards in a pillar, it will move back and forth.

Your flame sensor, thermocouple or thermocouple could also be at risk. It could also be clogged with dirt or bent or broken.

Turn off the main gas supply if the thermocouple becomes dirty. After the thermocouple has cooled, you can grab some sandpaper to remove any dirt or buildup.

You can find a replacement thermocouple at your local hardware store for around $15. It can be installed by your local plumber.

How to Locate the Pilot Light and Turn It Back On?

First, check that the pilot light is not the problem. To check if the pilot light is not working, open the control panel of the water heater. You can also look under the heater to check if the pilot light flame is visible.

These steps will be followed if you are certain that the issue is resolved.

1. Locate the access panel for the water heater, which is usually located under the gas valve.

2. The heater’s gas burner is visible. It is located inside the heater with two gas tubes that lead into it.

3. Locate the gas knob and turn it towards the label that reads pilot. Press down on the gas knob.

4. Holding down the knob, turn on the pilot light. There might be a button that allows you to light the pilot light. Or, you may need to use a lighter with a long handle. To ensure that the flame stays lit, hold the button down for approximately one minute.

5. To ignite the main burner, turn the gas knob on.

6. Close the access panel

You should now have hot water again after following these steps. If not, please contact us

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