The sewer line is one of the most dangerous places for plumbing repair. It is the main outtake pipe which drains greywater and other waste from your home into the municipal sewage system.

It can be very costly to repair your home if the wastewater is backed up. It is difficult to diagnose the problem without extensive excavation because the sewer pipe is often covered by dirt and pavement.

One of the most popular plumbing services is sewer inspection with a camera. This allows technicians to find and diagnose any problems in your sewer pipes without digging it up.

Worth a Thousand Words

Over the years, plumbing cameras have become more popular. These waterproof devices can be used to see through pipes and reach the root of the problem.

A variety of cameras are available to plumbers. Each camera can be fitted into different sizes pipes. They can also zoom in and out to provide a complete view of what’s inside. The cameras transmit high resolution images from all angles, so the plumber can tell you what’s happening – good or bad.

A clog in your sewer line can be as simple as a buildup of hair or household waste. Worse, a buildup of soap and grease can cause clogs. However, both of these problems can be fixed without having to tear up your yard. A break in the sewer line is the worst case scenario. This could be caused by dirt settling in the passageway or from tree roots tearing into the pipe.

The Best and Worst-Case Scenarios

There are many less-invasive methods of fixing underground sewer lines, such as trenchless plumber repair. However, digging can be costly and cause more damage than necessary. A camera diagnosis can help you take comfort in knowing that you won’t have to excavate the yard if you don’t need it.

You can use plumbing cameras to locate problems in other areas of your system, such as hidden leaks in your walls, mineral buildup that affects your water pressure, or clogs within your main pipe system. Ask your plumber before you book a lengthy and costly diagnostic visit.

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