By Bellevue Plumbing Pro

Don’t Wait for Hot Water When You Need It Most

It’s one of the worst feelings you can experience in the morning when you step in the shower, getting sprayed with ice cold water. You might be able to hold back screaming if you are lucky. Unlucky neighbors will get woken up when they hear you shriek.

Installing a hot water circulation pump can help you avoid this problem and allow you to soak in warm water immediately.

How Does a Hot-Water Circulation Pump Work

It’s very simple. It keeps a small amount hot water running through your pipes to ensure that the water does not get cold. The warm-up time of your water will be dramatically reduced if there is hot water flowing through your pipes at all times.

What Are the Advantages of Hot Water Circulation Pumps?

The simple answer is that you can reduce water waste by not having to run the shower for five minutes just to get the water temperature up to a reasonable level.

A more sophisticated pump system places the pump at the water heater while a control valve is placed at a fixture that sees heavy use, but is far from the hot water heater. This valve can be programmed to only reach a particular temperature and for a specified time period. Most homes don’t require hot water 24 hours a day. This system saves money and energy because it doesn’t heat up water in your pipes when it’s not needed.

The hot water circulation pump is a demand-based hot water pump. It pushes any cold water in the warm pipes into the cold pipes and then quickly pumps out hot water from the hot heater to the faucet or shower you desire. You only need to give the system a little warning by using the remote control or motion detector located in your bathroom.

You can even get ENERGY STAR rated models to increase the energy efficiency of the way you heat the water.

How Do I Get One Installed in My House?

Don’t waste water waiting for the shower to heat up in the morning. Bellevue Plumbing Pro can help you schedule an appointment to have a qualified plumber install a hot water circulation pump in your home. Get in touch (509) 245-6477.