A loud faucet can be a real nuisance to a family. If you are hearing a loud hum every time you wash your face, you need to fix the problem. It is possible to fix noisy faucets without having to call a plumber. Here are some tips to silence your faucet’s squeaks and whistles.

Plumbing Repairs for DIY Guys

There could be many reasons your plumbing is making noises. These steps will help you solve the problem and restore peace to your bathroom.

The Aerator Should Be Checked

Mineral deposits could be the cause of your loud faucet. This is the screen that screws into faucet’s tip. This is a simple plumbing repair so it should be the first thing you check. Turn the faucet on and take out the aerator. If you hear a lot of noise, replace the aerator with a clean one and attach it to the faucet.

Install New Washers

Faucet noises can be caused by worn washers or improperly sized washers. Turn off the water supply to replace the washer. Then, take the faucet apart. Once you have removed the handles, replace them with new, intact washers that will fit perfectly in the fixture. This may be a solution.

Adjust The Water Pressure by Putting a Regulator On It

Another common reason for strange sounds in your plumbing is high water pressure. You can use a pressure gauge to test your plumbing for signs of a problem. Any pressure above 80 psi could cause problems. To protect your appliances and pipes, install a pressure regulator in your main water supply line.

You Can Replace Your Plumbing System

Older homes can have noisy faucets because the pipes are too small or blocked with scale and debris. These cases may require you to have your pipes replaced. This is a complex plumbing repair that can be difficult for the average homeowner.

All Plumbing Repairs Can Be Repaired by a Professional

Some people are not comfortable using a wrench. Your noisy faucets might be more difficult to fix. If that is the case, it’s okay to ask for help. Reach out to a plumber who is qualified to fix a noisy faucet or any other plumbing problems.

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